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Special Visitors

Dr.Yang made a special visit
Dr.Yang made a special visit to Wonder Years to teach the children about the importance of taking care of their eyes. She sent each child home with a special bag and a pair of sunglasses.
Visit from the Dentist
Dr. Russo came to Wonder Years Learning Center to teach the children how to
keep their teeth healthy. All the children practiced brushing and flossing the
teeth on the Dentists special kangaroo. It was a great day!


Today the children enjoyed a visit from Dr. Viki. She talked about germs and how to stay healthy.
Guitar Bob
Bob Messano is known to children far and wide as “Guitar Bob”. But, he has a special place in his heart for the children at Wonder Years where he serves as early childhood music specialist. Bob visits the school twice a month. Often following lively sessions of singing and dancing, children spontaneously give Guitar Bob hugs. Now, that’s music appreciation at its best!

Bob is a former Kindergarten teacher who holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. He went on to become an acclaimed performer and recording artist of original children’s music. Guitar Bob has performed at countless schools, libraries, cultural arts series, community events, and teacher conferences during a professional career spanning 25 years. To learn more about Guitar Bob’s programs, book a concert, or order his 2 CD’s visit the website: