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3 Yr Old Room

3 year old program

The program for our three-year-old classes is based on a specialized thematic curriculum containing letters, shapes, colors and numbers. We aim to have our 3’s say the alphabet, identify upper and lower case letters and know their sounds. They are encouraged to recognize colors and their names in print. We assist in the development of their writing and fine motor skills. Our 3’s count and write numbers and understand their values. They recognize basic geometric shapes and place objects in size order. Our curriculum considers the different developmental levels and needs of each child. A mixture of group and individual activities combine to create an inviting and exciting classroom environment. Our goal is to make each preschool day a successful and positive experience for each child.



Social and Emotional Development

  • • Participates in large and small groups (circle and music)
  • • Works independently in centers
  • • Cooperates with teachers
  • • Plays cooperatively with other children
  • • Seeks help when needed

Cognitive/ Language Development

  • • Knows first and last name
  • • Recognizes name when written
  • • Knows age
  • • Follows 2 step directions
  • • Stays on task
  • • Shows interest in books and stories
  • • Communicates with teachers and classmates
  • • Begins symbolic play (pretending, using one object for another)
  • • Repeats simple rhymes, songs, and finger plays
  • • Identifies colors: red, orange, yellow, black, blue, pink, green, purple, white
  • • Identifies basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, star,


  • • Shows curiosity, investigator skills (who, what, where?)
  • • Explores letters of alphabet
  • • Explores numbers 0-10

Physical Development

Fine Motor

  • • Demonstrates how to use scissors
  • • Puts together puzzles
  • • Paints with large brush
  • • Holds crayon with fingers rather than fist
  • • Demonstrates fine motor skills (cut, color)
  • • Puts on and takes off outerwear correctly
  • • Hangs up belongings

Gross Motor

  • • Demonstrates running
  • • Demonstrates jumping
  • • Demonstrates hopping with one foot and two feet
  • • Throws and catches a ball
  • • Takes care of personal hygiene (including toileting)
  • • Is able and willing to clean up after self