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About Us

Wonder Years Learning Center provides children with the experiences that help them working togethergrow socially, cognitively and academically. Along with this exposure, the center provides a warm homelike atmosphere where the children can feel comfortable and secure

We emphasize the value of play in the development of young children. Through carefully planned and implemented learning experiences, children gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that support their development. In addition, children have the opportunity to make decisions and solve problems with the guidance of teachers. The program is designed to meet and enhance the development of the whole child; physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and creatively. The curriculum includes music, science, art, math, literacy, cooking, large and small muscle activities, games, and indoor and outdoor play.

Wonder Years Learning Center prepares children roll-a-dough for success in Kindergarten and beyond through creative, productive, play experiences. Knowing that preschool children are concrete thinkers and need to touch, hear, see, smell, taste and move in order to understand their world, our teachers create and recreate activities that encourage children to learn through exploration and discovery.

Our monthly themes provide a framework for these activities and theme-related projects foster a desire to learn more. In addition to being hands-on, Wonder Years curriculum is developmentally appropriate – activities are geared to the overall developmental level of the children.

Perhaps what is most unique about Wonder Years Learning Center is that parents benefit from participating too. While little ones are nurtured, challenged, and encouraged, their parents find a network of support, ideas, and unconditional respect. Wonder Years is truly a Family Center!